Cherry Framework 4.0 Launched

Cherry Framework 4.0 launched recently with much enthusiasm. Cherry Framework 4.0 was constructed with both developers and do-it-yourself users in mind. So whatever your skill level, there are many useful options for setting up your website, especially for building a really robust resource using the power of Cherry 4.0

To prove just how awesome The New Cherry Framework 4.0 is, we’ve designed a GPL Compliant WordPress theme for you to investigate and have fun with however you feel like! It’s a brand new freebie powered by the most advanced version of Cherry Framework, it’s features-rich with everything you could ever imagined. Take a look at the demo to see just how amazing it is!


In the new version of Cherry Framework you will find a brand new process of installation. You no longer have to tinker with archives since all theme and framework files are downloaded from the Cherry Cloud, at blazing speed.

Also, you will realize how simple this new type of installation is:

1. For starters, you will need to download the Cherry Wizard plugin. It is required and the only “manual” step. Click to download and install as you would any other plugin.

2. After installing and activating, you will get the following message: “Begin Installation“.
3. Next step is to enter your email.
4. After that, you will be presented with two options: a)either install a premium template or b)a free one. Hit the link “try a Demo theme” and installation will begin.
5. The final steps of the installation are executed automatically.

That’s it! Your New Cherry Framework and WordPress theme just installed in less than 30 minutes.

Don’t forget to check out the demo for all the amazing features and please, let us know what you think by commenting in the box below.

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